The brand new single THE ONLY ONE will be released on Friday 4th June on all digital platforms. 



With critical acclaim for their first two albums LITTLE HAPPYHELLS and HEADSWIMS Truman Falls have begun a new muse of a project entitled SILVERDALE a collection of songs conceived in or about a place on the Isle Of Man that is close to the heart and which will evolve over a duration of time to become a fully realized album.

“Treating each piece of work as an individual means every one of these songs will get its chance and time to sing as opposed to being swallowed up in its big sister of an album. This isn’t going against the romance of the LP in anyway, in fact these songs do have a silver thread of concept running throughout. We just see this an opportunity in this digital age to let them live independently outside of the album idea, like a musical Jigsaw that you gradually piece together”




Based on The Isle Of Man Truman Falls have to date released two albums LITTLE HAPPYHELLS* and HEADSWIMS*. 

Taking on varied and diverse influences they have managed to forge a style that is original yet keeping in with their ethos of letting the song do the work as opposed dressing them up in fly by night musical fashion.

Expect swooning guitars, luxurious arrangements and melodic compositions recorded with love and care giving over a timeless yet tireless quality.

Simon Rea   Vocals/Guitars

Dave Armstrong  Bass/Keys

Paul Teare  Guitars/Vocals

Mark Burrows  Guitars

Martyn Thomas  Drums

*Recorded at DAM studios by Dave Armstrong

Produced By Dave Armstrong & Simon Rea




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